About Us

SIPP Advice was born out of a frustration with the industry.

In the UK, there is a clear gap in understanding when it comes to SIPPs, tax planning, investing, and those big, scary retirement questions.

We aren’t taught this stuff in schools.

And it’s also becoming increasingly difficult to find help that you know you can trust.

At SIPP Advice, we help people understand their SIPPs and other pensions – whether it’s what they’re investing in, or how to make the most out of the tax relief available.

But we also know how important professional financial advice is at the right time. That’s why we offer our free service to connect people with advice they can trust.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Make the most out of your income and investments while you’re working.
  • And get the most out of your pensions when you retire.

Whether that’s doing it yourself using the information in our guides, or doing it with the help of a professional adviser by your side, our goal is for you to get the peace of mind that your money is living up to its full potential.


What We Do

Retirement Guides

Guides & Resources

All of the information you’ll find on the SIPP Advice website is completely free – and we don’t intend to change that.

We believe this information is fundamental to the financial wellbeing of every day people, and should be freely accessible to everyone – in a clear, readable, and jargon-free format.

From guides on how SIPPs and other pensions are taxed, invested and accessed, to reviews of SIPP providers and broader retirement planning resources, our library of content is written by pension and retirement experts, and is designed to be accessible to everyone.


SIPP Advice

Find an Adviser

We also recognise the need for professional financial planning and advice in certain areas of personal finance – and we’re a big advocate for it.

While the information on our website can empower you to make your own financial decisions, you should always speak to a professional adviser if you’re ever unsure about what you’re doing.

Our matching service connects individuals with financial advisers that are qualified to the highest level – we only work with Chartered or Certified Financial Advisers and Planners.

They are all FCA regualted, and also pass our own service quality standards.

We provide this service at no cost to you, because we get paid by the advisers in our network.


We hand-pick the advisers in our network, ensuring they are fully qualified (Level 4 Diploma), independent, regulated by the FCA, and pass our internal service quality standards.

We vow to never recommend an adviser that does not meet these criteria.



The advisers and planners we work with all hold a minimum level 4 diploma in financial planning or advice. 

Some also hold the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) qualification through the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI).



We do not have any commercial obligations to, or interests in, any investment manager, platform or product – and neither do the advisers we work with.

So, you can be confident that the solution you’re recommended will be because it is the best for you, and never for any other reason.

What SIPP Advice Can Help With

Advice on Transferring SIPPs

Help with the process of transferring your Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) to ensure a seamless transition, considering your financial goals and maximising benefits.

Advice on Consolidating SIPPs

If you have multiple SIPPs and pensions, an adviser can provide strategic advice on consolidating these into a unified plan, streamlining management, and optimising investment strategies for greater efficiency and clarity.

Advice on Investing Your SIPP

Tailored investment advice to align your SIPP with your risk tolerance, diversification needs, and long-term financial objectives.

Advice on SIPP Contributions (maximising tax relief)

Specialised strategies to optimise tax benefits for your SIPP contributions, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your available tax relief.

Advice on SIPP Drawdown

Expert advice on SIPP drawdown strategies, focusing on tax efficiency and determining sustainable withdrawal rates to align with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Advice on Taking Your SIPP Tax-Free Cash

Guidance on how to utilise the tax-free cash from your SIPP efficiently, ensuring you maximise this benefit while considering your overall retirement strategy.

Advice on Inherited SIPPs

Support in navigating the complexities of inherited SIPPs, guiding on managing and optimising inherited pension funds efficiently.

Advice on SIPPs Gained Through Divorce

Expertise in handling SIPPs acquired through divorce settlements, offering advice to secure and manage these assets effectively within your retirement plan.

Broader Retirement and Pension Advice

In-depth consultation and strategic planning beyond SIPPs, encompassing broader retirement and pension advice.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Advice

Structuring your assets to facilitate smoother inheritance and minimise tax liabilities for beneficiaries – ensuring your wealth is distributed in line with your wishes.

Regular Portfolio Reviews and Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring and periodic reviews of investment portfolios within SIPPs, ensuring they remain aligned with your evolving financial objectives and market conditions.

Long-Term Care Planning

Guidance on planning for potential long-term care needs during retirement, including considerations for care costs, insurance, and asset protection strategies.